I’m assuming you’ve arrived on this page because you’re a writer interested in the 2019 #WriteMentor programme, and want to know a bit more about me and what I’m offering as a mentor. If so, welcome!

And here’s what you’re looking for…


In (relatively) brief terms:

P. M. Freestone writes young adult fantasy and speculative fiction. In 2019, her debut novel Shadowscent: The Darkest Bloom publishes in the UK, Australia and USA (Scholastic) and has so far been acquired in seven other languages, while her short stories have appeared in various print anthologies and online venues. She is a Clarion Writers’ Workshop graduate, a Scottish Book Trust New Writer’s Award winner, and was selected for SCBWI’s 2018 Undiscovered Voices anthology. She holds degrees in archaeology, religious history and sociology, and a PhD in infectious diseases and international development. Originally hailing from Australia, she now calls Scotland home, and runs creative and non-fiction writing and productivity workshops around the world. She is represented by super-agent Josh Adams of Adams Literary, and her UK agent is Caroline Walsh at David Higham Associates.

If you want more, there’s a longer bio here.

And you can connect with me on social media via the various links here.


For the 2019 #WriteMentor programme, I’m offering to look at a submission package (query letter, synopsis and first 3 chapters) or a partial manuscript (up to a maximum of 20K words). That is, ‘Option A’ in the #WriteMentor bi-level structure.


I will give you an editorial letter with some broad thoughts, along with comments marked up in the document(s).

I will not rewrite or directly edit your words. Instead, I’ll highlight particular strengths, point out possible issues, ask questions and make suggestions for how you may want to consider improving your work (how much of this you choose to incorporate is up to you, but after going through the editorial process for Shadowscent with my UK and US editors, I’m a firm believer in keeping an open mind!).

If you would like, I will then have a once-off Skype call so that you can ask any questions you may have about my feedback, or chat about querying and the road to publication (but you don’t need to take up this offer, it’s optional!).


Age group: YA or crossover.

Genre: my first love is fantasy. I’m also open to speculative fiction in all its forms, from space opera to near future or dystopian fiction. Historical fiction is another love, the further back the better (eg. I’ll be more help with Ancient Rome than WWII).

Bonus points: LGBTQ+ (especially if it’s not an ‘issue’ book); working class characters and writers; intricate world-building; girls and/or genderqueer characters with agency and arcs; rebellion; rollicking adventures; romance.